Virginia's District 6

District 6 map

Virginia’s House of Delegates District 6

Virginia’s House of Delegates District 6 consists of Carroll and Wythe Counties, as well as the eastern 3/4 portion of Smyth County. It represents approximately 83,000 residents.

Incorporated towns within the district include Hillsville, Marion, Rural Retreat, Saltville, and Wytheville.

Click on the sections to read about each county’s communities and voting precincts.

Carroll County Communities

Carroll County census-designated areas include Cana, Fancy Gap, and Woodlawn. Unincorporated areas include Austinville, Dugspur, Lambsburg, Laurel Fork, and Sylvatus.

Carroll County Voting Precincts

Dugspur, Fancy Gap, Hillsville B-D, Gladeville, Laurel, Lambsburg, Mount Bethel, Oakland A & D, Saint Paul, Sylvatus, Woodlawn D & E

Smyth County Communities

Smyth County census-designated areas include Atkins and Sugar Grove. Unincorporated areas include Groseclose and Rich Valley.

Smyth County Voting Precincts

Atkins, East Park, Rich Valley, Royal Oak East, Saltville, Sugar Grove, Wassona, West Park

Wythe County Communities

Wythe County census-designated areas include Fort Chiswell, Ivanhoe, and Max Meadows. Unincorporated areas include Austinville, Cripple Creek, Crocket, and Speedwell.

Wythe County Voting Precincts

East Wytheville, Evergreen, Fort Chiswell, Huddle, Jackson Memorial, Max Meadows, Royal Oak, Rural Retreat, Sheffey, Speedwell, and West Wytheville